Blackpool Meet - 6/1/2001


The Blackpool meet on 6/1/2001 was my first chance to meet some of the other GT4OC members. The drive from Chester took just over an hour and the weather was overcast. Si, another GT4OC member from Chester, rode shotgun.

We were the second car there as Paul Bartolo in his white ST185/CS had traveled down from Scotland the night before with his girlfriend Yvonne.

Ian Smith, with Paul Wigzell riding shotgun, turned up next in his storming red ST165 followed shortly afterwards by Paul Taylor in his wide body JDM ST185.

Of course we hung around and chatted for ages admiring each others cars etc. but the the weather, did I tell you it was cold ?, was getting the better of us.

Paul B - engine compartment Paul B - engine compartment Paul B - ST185/CS
Paul B - ST185/CS Ian S - ST165 Paul T - ST185

We drove around Blackpool for a while and eventually parked up and decided to check out one of the local drinking establishments.

Where's the pub ?

After walking past a dozen or so, and covering nearly more miles on foot than in our cars, we hijacked a pub. Unfortunately a football match was being shown on a huge TV - but we soon drowned the sound of that out !

We drank a few sherbets then went for a bite to eat at a local KFC. Ian had forgotten to tell us he didn't like Chicken so sat chatting while the rest of us noshed.

Next up we decided to check out the arcades, and more importantly, Sega Rally and the ST205. A couple of other driving games were also on the cards but you can have enough of too many fast cars for one day :-)

Next on the agenda was a drive down the promenade, unfortunately we lost Paul. A quick mobile call later and we were parked up in a convoy waiting for him. On arrival we stormed down to a beach section were we could take a few pictures. Goodness me it was cold - did I mention that already ?

We took a good few snaps and chatted some more, for a couple of hours actually, but then decided it was time to split.

We all said our long good-byes and took a final few snaps as it was getting darker and colder - brrrrr.

On the way home I was following Ian and my memory recalls a Vauxhall Astra tailgating him as they were in a queue of cars. Next thing as the queue clears I hear this roar and Ian has gone. That's 20 psi and a hybrid turbo for you.

What a great day but it wasn't half COLD !

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