Castle Combe Meet - 5/5/2001


The Castle Combe meet always was gonna be spectacular. A meeting organised by the Mitsubishi Evo club with a host of other car clubs invited, guest rally cars and stars and of course the fantastic circuit in Gloucestershire.

Wiggy and James Newbury did a great job of getting everything together on the GT4OC side of things and Stuart Booton made a stirling effort to organise all of the GT4OC number plates.

The UK list was buzzing with excitement up to the event which took place on 5/5/2001.

A few of us decided to drive down the night before and camp out, but I forgot my dress and ended up sleeping in the car - hmm. The drive down for me was long, as I was on my own, but I met up with the Mitsubishi Starion club on the way down and had a chat with a few of the owners and started debating who would have the biggest turnout of owners - challenge on.

I got to the campsite around 11pm and Wiggy, Si, Stew and Dan were already plastered. I joined the fun and we got the torches out and checked out each others cars while trying to stop beer bottles falling over on the grass.

I turned in about 2am but I remember the others listening to heavy rock music into the later hours. Needless to say I was up first, washed and watered before the others poked their heads of the tents and cars.

We didn't all get away without paying for the site, Wiggy still owes me money, but we were off in good time.

Packing up ready to goto the circuit

A drive the wrong way down the motorway for 15 minutes, all of us going in different directions from the outset, meant we were all running late. I had a storming drive to finally get to the circuit where the others were all waiting. I knew I was at the right place as there were about 1000 Subaru Imprezzas lined up down the road looking for some action.

The first hour or so was spent organising the cars into our large paddock area. James and Wiggy erected the GT4OC tent.


The rest of us ogled the other GT4's and did a final bit of polishing. We also spent time meeting other owners and generally gabbing about cars. There were around 30 cars in all through all three main variants including UK and JDM specs.

Outside of the GT4 area sports cars of all imaginable makes were gathered and the crowds were mingling around - the atmosphere was great. People were signing up for the track event which started early for some of the GT4 crew who were in the first session.

Here are some thumbs of Mo going round the track with Wiggy riding shotgun taking the shots ...

The track sessions ended without incident and the day progressed much along the theme of see as much, talk as much and be immersed as much as you could in cars and GT4's.

A special Rally stage was held early afternoon with some storming rally cars.

Cars lined up for the special rally stage

The highlights of my day however were, of course the GT4's, but in addition the Fords RS200 cars and the awesome silver Audi Quattro which the driver was downloading ECU maps into with his laptop - serious stuff.

One of my all time favourite cars - the f**d RS200 Another one of my all time favourite cars - the Audi Quattro

It was great to meet loads of new owners and ones I had already met. I sold a few of my relief valves and fitted a couple during the day.

It was also good to meet Paul Rennison and Chris O'Rourke who came along from overseas.

The weather was great all day and the drive home could have been worse. Si and I got back to Chester before 9 pm - what a storming day.

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