V6Clio.net Meet - Lake District 19/11/2006

This was my first V6Clio.net meet, in fact I think it was one of the first V6Clio.net meets - full stop !

The following text is a pasted article, which I wrote, on the Club forum. Seems a waste to do another write-up when that one is sufficient. Here is the URL to the full thread (you may have to register but I am not sure) - Lake District Meet.

So here is my bit ...

Just got back, and as I got home it started raining

I have just washed the car - with a hose as the garage man wouldn't let me use the steam cleaner due to health and safety - apparently it was too dark. Anyway I will have to wash it again in the daylight as I am sure I will have missed some ...

But back to the day ...

Great to meet everyone and have a drive around, lunch and some coffees ... Even though we had to work on the Ings Cafe owner who didn't initially warm to use moving tables and only buying coffees, I think we left on good terms though and it was a good base to start and end out day.

It was a pretty dry day apart from road spray and a bit of drizzle - but it was the Lake District ! Also it was sunny much of the day but still a bit chilly. Some lovely snow capped peaks too ...

Happy to report no 'moments' though we all saw the car Jainey pictured above which was in a rather interesting position.

There were plenty of leaves around too so we were all a bit careful but generally the Sunday driving flat cappers and ramblers (no offense to the walkers amongst us) kept us at a safe pace in the long convoys.

We turned loads of heads especially in Ambleside where it was very much OMG - partly due to Colin's OMG and the convoy of Vee's which I am sure not many, if any, have ever seen in such numbers. Unless they were at the Donny RWS in September !

I also managed to clock over the magical 10,000 mile mark today. Managed to cover about 280 odd miles in 1 day ... Used over 10 gallons of petrol but managed a good 28 mpg or so on the way up from Chester (about 105 miles there).

The drive back was fun, towards the end it was just me Jainey and Nev in convoy until they peeled off and left me to drive to Chester. I picked up an Escort Cossie on the way, I didn't do any haggling with him though I think he wanted a go. But we flashed as we went separate ways - only the second I have ever seen on the roads so nearly as rare as the Vee - LOL.

Anyway will get some pics up soon. Thanks again folks it was a great day ... Thanks Jainey and Phil for keeping us well directed too ...

Oh and a special mention for Phil & Richard in the Clio 172 Cup - they both had passenger trips in our Vees and I think they enjoyed it.

To those that didn't make it, you missed a great day but hopefully more will come along next time now we have made the first meet up here a success.

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