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V6 Clio Club

The first club I joined when I bought my V6, or Vee as they are affectionately know. I actually call mine 'the Onion' !

V6 Clio Club

The second club I joined which is looked after by Kev.

Cliosport club site

Club dedicated to all performance Clios.



Official Renault Sport International site.


Official Renault Sport UK site.

Renault World Series

Official World Series by Renault site. Here Renault present their annual World Series meetings which are affiliated closely with National owners clubs across Europe.
Pistonheads site Thinking of buying a V6 Clio ? Pistonheads seem to have most cars for sale.
Ben Lovejoy's Nurburgring site If you ever plan to go to the fantastic Nurburgring circuit, you have got to visit Ben Lovejoy's site for all there is to know including how to get there, accommodation, reviews, advise etc.
Tuning Companies & Suppliers
Renaultcliov6 logo - specialist tuners RENAULTCLIOV6.COM, tuning parts for Renault Clios.
K-Tec logo K-Tec Racing, tuning parts for Renault Clios.
Vido Clips
A collection of video clips from the web

Goodwood Supercar Breakfast Meet
Renault 5 Turbo 2 and V6 Clio Review (French Language)
Honda S2000 Racing a V6 on the track
The traffic light Grand Prix !
Part of a Nurburgring lap
Replay from the GT4 PS2 game
V6 Clios in convoy
Drivers Video including some GT4 shots
Top Gear review by Jeremy Clarkson
Supercharged V6
Proex advertisement with V6 Clio
Quicksilver OMG (Oh My God) exhaust
More Quicksilver OMG exhaust
V6 doing a doughnut
Fifth gear review
V6 & Williams Clio out on a trackday
Greate video of a Clio V6 blasting round Cadwell Park

Other Links
Some Links From't Web

Renault Cliosport V6 24v
End Of The Line For Renaults Clio V6 255
Production Line Photos
V6 Parts Laid Out
Clio V6 - Hot Hatch, Short Fuse
The Ultimate - Va Va Voom (page 1 of 5)
Clio V6 - Automotive Passion
Piston Heads Clio V6 Review
Times Online Clio V6 Review
Lots Of Pictures From Sparky 132!
Parkers Clio V6 Review
Automobile Mag - Clio V6 Review
Renault Clio At Wikipedia
Renault Clio V6 At Wikepedia
The Renault Clio
Renault Engine Codes
Wheels24 Clio V6 Review
Clio V6 L7X Engine Details
Series Of Engine Smoothness Articles
6 Cylinder Engine Article inc. 60 Degree V6
VR6 And W Engines

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