Clio V6 Ownership History


This page contains the history of my Clio V6 including services, repairs carried out and oil changes etc. Also any major expenses have been listed but not costed, mainly because I don't like to think of the running costs. Any meets are listed on the galleries and meets page.




23-24/06/2007 V6 meet at the BTTC round at Oulton Park. We all camped on the circuit infield - a great weekend.
17/06/2007 V6 meet at Lymm services near Warrington.
10/06/2007 V6 meet and club display area at the Yorkshire Modified Car Show in Pickering N Yorks.
2/06/2007 Four weel alignment to improve the cars handling - done at Demon Tweeks in wrexham. Picture link of the settings here. This also doubled as a V6 meet for local owners.
24/05/2007 V6 meet at Lymm services near Warrington.
5/05/2007 Large V6 meet at Blackpool.
23/03/2007 Full 12,000 mile service at Lookers Renault dealer in Chester. I supplied my own oil which was Silkolene Pro S 10w/50. Mileage was 10626.
  V6 meet in the Lake District. This involved a drive around and a nice pub lunch ;-)
9-10/09/2006 Renault World Series meeting at Donnington Park.
8/09/2006 Bought my first full set of tyres from Buckley Tyres. After a lot of research I decided to go for Continental Sport Contact 2 tyres. The sizes were 125/40/18 front and 245/40/18 rear. Total cost was a bargain at £479 fully fitted.
4/09/2006 Changed oil and filter at 9373 miles. Used Silkolene Pro S 10w/50 and a Purolator Pure One filter.
17/7/2006 Picked up the Renault Clio V6 from Halkyn with 8500 miles on it. Drove around quite a bit and made the mistake of driving through Hoylake - this was one of the Golf open nights !
6/7/2006 Paid a deposit and asked the owner not to drive it anymore - he agreed. I had to wait a while now as I hada weeks holiday in Austria between now and the pick-up date.
5/7/2006 Agreed to buy the V6, it was exactly what I wanted.
4/7/2006 Went to see my first Renault Clio V6 tonight up at Halkyn. It looked fantastic and drove really well. The tyres were a little worn so I negotiated some money off the price. I carried out an HPI check and all looked fine.
March 2006 Found out what a Clio V6 was during a conversation at work with my mate Lincoln. We looked at a few on the internet and I though b****y hell they look fantastic. I then started thinking about getting one.
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