Demon Tweeks Meet - 25/05/2002


This meet was organised to take place at the Demon Tweeks car park in Wrexham. This is great for me being a Chester local as Wrexham is just over 10 miles from Chester.

The meet was planned to start at around 10 am. I set off from Chester at around 9:30 am and arrived at Demon Tweeks at around 9:50 am. There were a couple of owners already there so I parked up at the front of the car park and had a chat with Alex, a new owner with a rare turquoise ST205.

More cars started turning up just after 10. Eventually around 11 G4's graced the car park including the following owners ...

Ade, Alex, Rob Hughes, Paul Pinder, Paul Wigzell, me, Dan, Chris, Darryl, Si Gratton and
Marc Farr.

Si Gainey also popped along in his other car and there were also a few passengers from other vehicles.

The venue worked really well as not only did we have plenty of space to park the 11 GT4's. We were also able to have numerous wanders around the Demon Tweeks shop which is packed to the gills with tuning goodies. There was also a resident burger van offering burgers and hot drinks which did a roaring trade while we were around ;-)

One revelation was the following chassis number ...

I sold a couple of relief valves, one to Alex who has since reported great results. The other to Darryl who had a posse of owners helping him fit the relief valve. I am always amazed at the amount of tools which are collectively carried in the back of GT4's.

Other roadside installations included a number of oil pressure gauges. This modification seems to be popular at the moment due to the worries surrounding a number of recent turbocharger failures. I think oil pressure gauges are generally a good idea anyway, as long as obsession doesn't kick in when low oil pressure occurs after a long hard run.

All that work for the finished result and a neat install.

The weather remained dry and mostly sunny with some wind at times. There were plenty of opportunities for those Kodak moments, especially when we comandeered the overflow car park for ourselves ;-)

I got a bit carried away with these few photos ;-)

Chris brought along his HyperSR downpipe which attracted a bit of attention.

As the afternoon drew on, those of us that remained, decided to have a beer (figure of speech). There is a pub just down the road from Demon Tweeks which we stopped at and continued our banter. Much of the conversation evolved around computers as it seems that many of the GT4 owners work in IT. Rob doesn't though but his job is much more glamorous - he is a sound engineer and roadie - now that's much more interesting.

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