Engine Bay Quick Tour


This page provides a quick tour of the engine bay of my car. Hover over the various components for a description and click for more detailed images.

Also check out my modifications page.

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Secondary fuse box - location for the 13.5v fuel pump mod Turbocharger - hidden under the heat shield Chargecooler heat shield ABS mechanism under this cover Primary fuse box - houses the main fuses and particularly the EFI fuse needed to reset the ECU Power steering fluid reservoir Air Flow Meter - also houses the air filter Bailey DV26 blow off valve Chargecooler - uses circulating water to cool the turbocharged inlet charge Chargecooler fluid expansion bottle Go faster windscreen wiper motor Cambelt cooling duct Alternator Inlet manifold plenum chamber Alternator cooling duct Battery Location of my relief valve Oil filter VIN plate Air conditioning inspection hole Factory fitted Toyota alarm Diagnostic port - this is where you check for ECU fault codes EGR valve - not fitted on JDM models AM to Turbo hoses - these are prone to cracking so keep an ey on them Brake fluid master cylinder Cambelt cover Dipstick Ignition module LH pop-up headlight RH pop-up headlight LH suspension tower Front water cover - under here you will find the fans, radiators and horns RH suspension tower Engine coolant radiator Radiator filler cap Coolant expansion bottle filler cap Chargecooler pump relay Various vacuum pipes and VSV's mainly for the air conditioning Exposed part of the rocker cover - the rest of it is hidden