New Wheels


I have to say that I was never really happy with the standard 15 inch wheels but put up with them as I never really found any 17 inch wheels that I liked. That was until I saw a yellow ST185 at Car Transplants breakers yard in 2001, it is still there by the way - as at 25/03/2002. I bought the 3 good remaining Stilauto ESA rims after thinking they looked fabulous and were exactly the style of wheel I was looking for. Unfortunately it took me ages to find a fourth wheel which I eventually did at MarkAlloys in Oldham.

Now, after all this time, I have the wheels and tyres fitted so I took Monday 23rd March 2002 off work, went for a long drive, and took the following pictures.

IMHO the ST185/CS is a great looking car and is further transformed with a decent set of wheels - especially when they fill out those huge wide-body rear arches, which is more than I can say for the standard wheels.

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