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This page contains a collection of poems which I have written over the years. I tend to have periods of drought where poems do not figure in my thoughts, then, as if by magic a thought or a verse will pop into my mind and away it goes.

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A Moment At Work
Body Reaction
One Man And His Dog
Night Flight
Blind Desire
Not Knowing
You ?
A Moment In Time (17:25 pm 4/2/1996)
Nuclear History
Is God Alive Or Switched On ?


Angels in flight, dependent on night
visions of peace, prepare for release
subconscious control, dream venturers enroll
journey begins, free from all sins
pure in this state, come back, don't be late
unlimitless time, experience - divine
virtual and clear, free from all fear
it's time to awake, to continue life's fate
people rebel, staying under the spell
meeting their maker, the dream giver and taker
those who comply, on reality - rely
continue their plight, waiting for night.

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A Moment At Work

plasma ball
Boring object list creation, doing my head in
digital communication, virtual reality, not really there
talking via plastic and springs to a glass ball of atomic waste
I understand it, is it real ? Am I in it ? On or Off.

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Body Reaction

Ice cold and slippery soaking the skin
mountain ranges in miniature appear from within
hairs held back by an invisible gale
tramlines of shivers, routing down the rail
nervous reaction to extreme stimuli
is how you make me feel when you catch my eye.

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One Man And His Dog

Once upon a time in my minds eye
lived a man with a dog always by his side
inseparable partners, night and day they were a team
sharing their emotions, neither one would reign supreme
lifespans being different, destiny and fate
would spoil the relationship, soon it would be too late
sensing sadness looming, unimaginable pain
man began his thinking, utilising brain
dog was growing weary, sharing thought with man
I love you so much dear friend, I'll come back if I can
standing back and viewing, man had seen the light
becoming both their masters, I came to their sight
dog was so inspiring, hanging on fighting to stay in the pair
neither wanting to be alone, could I help them there ?
both needing their companions, as I could sense and see
so I created heaven, for them to live, virtually in me.

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Night Flight

flying through a canyon
Mind bending like acid trips in the night
reality merging with fantastic sight
flying unaided at speeds we haven't seen
experiencing scenarios, where no ones ever been
do we all aspire to adventures in our sleep ?
merely to wake up and be back on our feet.

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Blind Desire

Sound faint and soft, a breath heard from afar
scanning the silence to find out where we are
the vision, not working, nothing to see
paranoia in blindness, hold my hand and be with me.

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Not Knowing

Walking on a tightrope, high above ground
scared of the fall, the back breaking sound
helpless not knowing which way to go
insecurity, apprehension, what do I do ? where, I don't know.

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You ?

What are you secrets ? are you like me ?
intrigued by the unknown desire to be free
reject peer compliance, individuality rules
preconceptive ideas taught in our schools
development, learning, all in our grasp
reaching for the ultimate, undefined, destiny of life.

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A Moment In Time (17:25 PM 4/2/1996)

I remember
Sat at my desk, floating on air
thinking of times when I'm not here but elsewhere
numerous places appear then they go
real for an instant, then real, really ? I don't know
what are you doing, this moment in time ?
cast your mind back, from now and your here - at five twenty nine.

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Gazing at stars, chill of the night
glistening candles in the twilight
telling us stories of light years ago
traveling in spirit, back beyond what we know
imagine if star light could tell us our fate
would you like to know or do you like to wait ?

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Look, is it there, walking in snow
swing, turn sharp, twilight glare, incandescent glow
melting, evaporation, form lost and now gone
was something visible or apparition there - was it ?

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Nuclear History

Physics of atom the nuclear blast,
stay in our history, part of our past,
release from protection of stable chemistry,
devastation unseen, stay in the 20th century.

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Is God Alive Or Switched On ?

Information technology, unbounded dimensions, infinite capacity
the entire worlds knowledge in a core of energy, is it the real God ?
or is God a slave to our intellect or are we slaves to our own creation ?
define the start and end or our existence
can we exist virtually in a store room of filtered atmosphere
noises humming as drives access our soul
would we survive power failure ? or is power our child ?
reproduction via cloning, electrical stimulation
life as we know it on a pinhead of pure silicon.

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There is a demon inside all of us, try not to let people see it.

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