My New ST205 WRC


I finally decided to buy an ST205 - there you are, I said it now ...

After the demise of K1ANO and the interim ST165, I decided to bite the bullet. I went for an ST205 WRC in black. I had done a fair amount of research and decided on an import mainly due to the low mileage and condition of the vehicles - and the prospect of some nice modifications.

I saw a vehicle for sale at Japanese Vehicle Sourcing which had been advertised on the GT4OC forum - with a certain degree of argument as to whether the car had the right 'look'. Originally it came with a full set of carbon light pods which certainly made the car stand out ! I have subsequently removed them for the time being ...

I sold my ST165 to a guy called Marvin after I advertised it on findit whic, incidentally, is where I saw it advertised. I handed over the car to Marvin the night before picking up my new one - good timing. I was sad to see the ST165 go as I had enjoyed owning it, but I was looking forward to the ST205 WRC ;-)

Landing in Edinburgh

I flew up to Edinburgh on the 22nd November 2003 after having paid a deposit. I met up with Paul Bartolo, Scott and Gordon who came along to check the car out with me. The car was in mint condition, nice and clean, full history and drove brilliantly and fast. Davy P met up with us for lunch and we took some pictures at the Forth road bridge in Queensferry. I may write more about the day but, so far as to say, I bought the car and had a fun drive home ;-)

The condition of the car is amazing. The under body condition is mint - all nuts and bolts are pristine with no thread corrosion. I was pleasantly surprised to find an HKS FCON V ECU underneath the carpet when I got the car back home - this may explain why the car goes so fast ;-)

The car came with full, but unreadable, service history and many receipts for the parts fitted which included ...

Carbon Rally Lamps
HKS induction kit
HKS chimney
Blitz DSBC
Shift Light
GReddy Turbo Timer
OZ 17" Racing Wheels
GReddy boost gauge
HKS FCON V Fuel Computer
Carbon Mirrors

Check out my modifications page for further details.

The following are some of the pics I had to make my mind up before putting a deposit on the car.

My first view of the car ! Tidy engine bay I liked the look of the HKS induction kit These carbon mirrors caught my eye too! And finally the OZ Racing wheels - I have always liked these

The following are some pics taken on the first day.

My first picture after handing over my money Paul, Gordon and Scott At last I own a car with a BIG spoiler Gordon, Scott, Paul, Davy P and Jenny
Davy P trying to hide his car from me Somewhere to sleep if I get locked out of the house !
Not sure about the mudflaps ?
The first of what I expect to be many petrol stops
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