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This page contains a longer list of text links for many sites I have bookmarked over the last few months. I will continue to add additional links as I have many more which I need to dig out and organise more thoroughly. Oh and by the way, these links are not in any partcicular order at present.

Please e-mail me with any dead links.



A premier site for DIY EFI enthusiasts
Commercial replacement ECU site
Good information on EFI systems
DIY air/fuel meter
Another DIY air/fuel meter
And another DIY air/fuel meter
Guess what ? - DIY air/fuel meter
AFM module test article
Info on GReddy FCD
Circuit diagram for GReddy FCD
Great FAQ on engine management
Ford MAF article
More Ford EFI stuff
Audi boost articles
GT4 boost control and FCD
Detailed GT4 zener diode FCD article
Article and links on DIY sensors
Simple adjustable FCD mod for a GT4
DIY LED boost gauge article
Nissan site with some great articles
DIY electronic mods i.e. DIY boost gauge, air/fuel meter and 5th injector driver
GT4 site
Fantastic DIY FCD - this is the one I made
UK Turbo remanufacturer
Electronics links page
Electronic and scientific download links page
Toyota GT4 automotive recall bulletins
US automotive safety site
UK vehicle recall search
Article on Ester based engine oils
Software cracks site (I don't use this)
Hobby gas turbine page
What to do with a spare turbo
List of jet engine and gas turbine links
Article on DIY turbo rebuild
The 'laugh a click' riceboy page
Automotive electronics archive
Jaycar electronics
Electronic kit links
Free electronic circuit designs
Discover circuits - list
Maplin electronics retailer

The Sweeney - you're nicked !
Lucid dreaming
Sub-pixel rendering
DB2 magazine
Movie mistakes
Obsolete computer museum
Unix help
How stuff works
Web page language translator
Did man really land on the moon ?
'The Beast' - MR2 site

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