ST205 WRC Service History


This page contains the history of the servcing to my ST205 WRC including services, repairs carried out and oil changes etc. Also any major expenses have been listed but not costed, mainly because I don't like to think of the running costs. I have also decided to add the meets I have attended into the table.




July 2006 Sold to my friend Steve. I retained the registration number for my new Clio V6.
Summer 2005 Rebuilt the engine after blowing it up at the Nurburgring. Check out my engine rebuild page for details.
22/02/2004 Changed oil and filter - used Valvoline Racing Full Synthetic 10w50. Also replaced blown rear brake light bulb.
2/01/2004 Red mud flaps have been removed.
24/12/2003 Changed oil and filter after an engine flush. Oil used was Castrol RC 10w-60. (ODO = 82892)

Replaced thermostat with a genuine Toyota part (T90916-03100). This was following 2 failed attempts to fit non genuine Toyota parts. The first thermostat was from Halfords and was about half the size, the second was from Quality Factors and was about 10mm too small in diameter. The job is easy enought to do though. (ODO = 82882)

20/12/2003 Renewed insurance with the GT4OC club insurance company Dorset for the grand sum of £508 including legal cover, breakdown cover and the excellent track day cover.


Purchased ST205 WRC from Japanese Vehicle Sourcing complete with receipts and full Japanese service history. (ODO = 81422)

17/11/2003 Car was registered as K1ANO.
16/11/2003 Car was successfully SVA'd.
15/11/2003 Speedo converted from KMH to MPH. The ODO reading was 81285 km which translates to 50803 miles
13/11/2003 Car passed it's first UK MOT.
??/11/2003 Car landed in Newcastle and was picked up by Japanese Vehicle Sourcing. The ODO reading was 81174 kilometres.
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