GT4 Challenge Day 2003


The GT4 Challenge Day is now a yearly event held at York raceway in Melbourne near York on 5/10/2003. There was a good turnout of GT4's vying for the trophies. I had a sneaky suspicion I may be in line for one as the only ST165 owner who was able to make it ;-)

The ST165 ran great from Chester to York although I always seem to get a bit lost finding the entrance to the raceway - this time was no exception and the familiar sight of GT4's driving up and down looking for the entrance like me made me laugh.

The usual scrutineering passed without incident but as usual I nearly died of passive smoking as I signed on in the little shed near the start line. I managed to escape after handing over my money and grabbing a loan helmet.

The battery is solid, right that's it scrutineered then !

There was a good turnout of owners as usual but I didn't manage to take so many photos this time :-(

The morning session was basically a free for all as owners had a few trips down the strip against other cars. I managed to get a few runs in but they all hovered around the 15 second mark. The intercooling of the ST165 is just not up to the same standard as my old ST185 Carlos Sainz - sniff sniff. The throttle cable slipping off didn't do much for one of my times - I had been wondering why the Reliant Robin beat me to the end.

The knockout competition started in the afternoon culminating in a final to find the ultimate GT4 of the year. Davy Pulse held his own and his car wasn't bad either LOL, and he eventually took the trophy - well deserved. The car, formerly owned by Tony Charles, is a credit to Tony and Fensport and it's nice to see it in the hands of such an enthusiastic and great bloke - Davy Pulse, take a bow please.

The Fensport Corrolla was brilliantly turned out as usual. Andy Ashby and Tony Charles also had their cars there.

Adrians Corrolla Andys ST205

Unfortunately myself and Jenny had to leave early but not before picking up the ultimate 165 trophy. In the rush to leave I did manage to leave all of our coats in a pile near an abandoned trailer. Fortunately Karen picked them up for us and posted them on a few days later - many thanks.

The day didn't run without incident including Gareths clutch giving up the ghost and Karen and Nicks 'princess' deciding she didn't want to go home under her own steam :-( The latest news is that Karen and Nick are gonna rebuild the engine with monster power. Simon Dawes turned up in his newly acquired Nissan Silvia, an interim replacement for his 'off-the-road' ST185 RC, but this decided to puke it's oil out in the paddock and so another car went home on a trailer. Dan also managed to limp his car home after my radiator repair failed to allow him to have a run down the strip.

The Princess in need of some attention Karen getting some attention Radiator repair to Dans car

I apologise for the short write-up and the fact that I haven't mentioned many people but we had a great day.

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