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I am not sure how this page is gonna pan out out. My intention is just to update it now and again with things I think about, things I want to say or remind myself of or possibly plan to do in the future. Maybe it will just be car stuff but who knows.

I also have another 'work in progress' page but think they are both separate at this stage. As always feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions or questions.



Thought / Idea / Ramble


I decided to tackle the turbo stay as I was worried that the exhaust manifold would be under too much stress. I was able to remove the turbo elbow without removing the oil cooler and alternator due to a stud being missing. This allowed me easy access to the turbo manifold bolts, which needed tightening, and also enabled me to fit the turbo stay without any diffuculty. At the same time I removed the cat stays, which are no longer needed. I now realise that removing the turbo will be an easy job when I need to do it. All in all a productive day as I was also able to stop my exhaust rattle and lagged the underside of my chargecooler with a heat reflective blanket - see my modifications page for details.


I was bloody annoyed today. I replaced my cat with a de-cat pipe and discovered that when Dixon Motor Holdings Ltd in Hull replaced my turbo manifold gasket, about three years ago, they neglected to replace/repair the following ... 1 x turbo stay, 1 x oil pipe fixing bolt, 1 x snapped exhaust manifold stud and 1 x turbine elbow stud. This now means I have extra work do another day.


I am looking forward to 6 days off work now as it is the Easter bank holiday and I have a couple of extra days in lieu ;-)


Had the idea of creating this page. It is a good job I already had some content to put in here - LOL. Maybe I will just have a black background too - there we are.


I was reading the international GT4 e-mail list today and came across a new GT4 technical e-mail list which has been set up, now that's more like it. It seems a bit more heavily policed, for good reason, but I hope to get involved in some good detailed discussions with some of the old soldiers.


Some of my friends from work got made redundant yesterday and it was a shock to many of us that remain. A special thought goes out to Rollo and Colin who I know will find work easily but who are already missed in the office. Only last week I created a new office website hardcore-pork as we have such a good working atmosphere - somehow the office or the site just won't be the same.


Phil Jelley, a mate at work with a GT4, gutted his CAT at the weekend. Now I didn't expect it to make as much difference as it did - wow. Fortunately I have a de-cat pipe sat in my boot and now realise that it just has to be fitted ASAP.

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