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This page contains details about the projects that I am working on and modifications which are in progress - if you can call them that ! Also check out my text links page for many of the links I have collected and which have formed the basis for much of my research and interest - you would be surpised at what some people can do with a disgarded turbo !

I haven't quite worked out how to present this stuff so be patient with it and re-visit to keep yourself posted on what I am up to and feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions or questions. For other diverse stuff and thoughts check out my brain dump page.




Profec A Boost Controller

I bought a Profec A boost controller a few weeks back - second hand. I understood when I bought it that it worked, but suprise surprise it didn't. It turns out the stepper motor unit, which is fitted and located in the engine compartment, was faulty due to corrosion - apparently this is a common problem. Anyway I determined one of the faults was a damaged pressure transducer (COPAL P2000 352G - AN type) of which there are two. I managed to source one of these and fitted it this week. In addition corrosion on one of the IC's meant that I had to fabricate a new pin to the +5v supply. The unit seems to program fine through the P1 and P2 stages but I only seem to get stock boost and the stepper motor doesn't seem to be functioning properly :-( This is most annoying given the amount of time I have spent on it.

stepper motor control unit with the top removed and the various pipes connectedunderside of the stepper motor control circuit boardtop side of the stepper motor control circuit board showing the two pressure transducersProfec A controlller

If anyone has a spare stepper motor unit or can assist in anyway please e-mail me.

STATUS on 28/03/2002 - I will fit the damn thing again after some minor tweeks to see if it now works.


I bought an HKS PFC F-CON fuel computer at the same time as the Profec A. It was fitted to a 92 Japanese import so should fit straight onto my 92 UK CS. I do intend to try it at some point but have no immediate plans as my CS seems to run fine at whatever boost I try.


STATUS on 28/03/2002 - No progress.

Intake Temperature Tests

Now that I have fitted my cold air intake I thought I would do some intake temperature tests using a temperature sensor kit I fitted some time ago. I have initially decided to take temperature readings from the outlet of the intake snorkel in the OEM air box.

intake snorkel temperature sensor

TEST on 07/04/2002 - Ambient temperature at the sensor was 20.9 deg/c then during initial idling intake temperature dropped to 19.8 deg/c. At 50 mph the intake temperature dropped to around 12-13 deg/c. Speed seemed to make no difference. When stood in traffic the intake temperature steadily rose in small increments. When moving again temperature dropped back to between 12-13 deg/c as before. Finally with the engine switched off heat soak caused the temperature to rise over 30 deg/c when I stopped taking readings.

Wheels & Tyres

I have had Stilauto ESA wheels in my shed for nearly a year now. I have just managed to get hold of a fourth. I have bought some 215/40/17 Goodyear tyres and these are now ready to fit.

STATUS on 28/03/2002 - These are now fitted. Check out my modifications and new wheels pages for further details and pictures.

De-Cat Pipe

I recently bought a de-cat pipe and need to fit this. My only worry is the old bolts holding the cat on as these tend to break off unless releasing agent is used the night before. This should improve the response of the car.

de-cat pipe ready to fit

STATUS on 28/03/2002 - I bought a de-cat pipe which has been banging around in my boot for a couple of weeks. I intend to fit it VERY soon ;-)

STATUS on 29/03/2002 - This is now fitted. Check out my modifications page for further details and pictures.

Air/Fuel Meter

This is a DIY project inspired Paul Bartolo a friend and fellow owner of a fabulous ST185/CS. I saw his DIY LED gauge and did a bit of research on the Internet on how to make one for myself. I eventually found a kit available from Autospeed in Australia which I ordered. Total cost was around 24 AUD inc P&P to the UK, this is around 10 GBP. I couldn't buy the parts for that in the UK. This kit uses a common 10 LED driver which can be adapted for many other circuits including a boost gauge and battery volt meter.

Autospeed kit made up and installed

STATUS on 28/03/2002 - This is now fitted. Take a look at my modifications and electronic circuits pages for further details. Also check out my text links page for other links to articles and circuits.

DIY Boost Gauge

I stumbled upon this idea when researching the air/fuel meter, the circuits are similar. I built mine from scratch but the Autospeed LED air/fuel meter kit could easily be adapted. Here is the article on how to build it.

component sidecircuit track side

STATUS on 28/03/2002 - I have given up on this as it didn't work first time. I decided to stick with the mechanical one. I am sure the circuit is OK but didn't have the patience.


There seem to be many FCD's on the market ranging widely in price. The obvious zener diode mod is proven but I fancied something a bit more comprehensive and besides I wanted to expand my electronics skills. I found an excellent article which provided a circuit diagram and parts list - always handy. The parts cost around 10 GBP and the unit is now ready to fit. One of my goals is to make a fully adjustable version which simply raises fuel cut rather than eliminate it - I have a circuit diagram but have not yet determined the component list for it.

fuel cut defender made up and ready for sale

STATUS on 28/03/2002 - I fitted this with great success. Take a look at my modifications and electronic circuits pages for further details. Also check out my text links page for other links to articles and circuits. If you don't fancy making these up yourself I sell them made up ...

Click to see my fuel cut defenders for sale

AFM Replacement

I want to do away with the AFM and replace it with ... Well anything which will work and improve airflow i.e. MAP of MAF sensor. I have been reading an excellent new book '21st Century Performance' which gives tips on how to test for restrictions in the inlet system. It advices to carry out tests rather than make assumptions and replacing things willy-nilly. With this in mind I am going to perform some pressure drop tests, with a home made manometer, before continuing with this project just to measure where and what the main restrictions are.

Check out my text links page for links to articles on EFI and air metering.

STATUS on 28/03/2002 - No progress.

PIC Microcontroller

Myself and Paul Taylor, another GT4OC member, are looking at using PIC microcontrollers to see what we can do with them i.e. boost gauges, boost controllers, FCD's etc. I know many have gone down one or more of these routes but I think it will be fun and since IT is my proffesion I think it will be interesting and make use of some of my skills. It will also be good working with another like minded member.

Insulate Chargecooler

This is one job I really must do. I have already fitted a heat shield above the turbo but the chargecooler still heat soaks badly when the car is at a standstill or idling. As soon as I can lay my hands on some insulating material the chargecooler is coming off and I hope heat soak will become a thing of the past.

chargecooler wrapped in a blanket - cosey

STATUS on 28/03/2002 - I have the material and just need to find some time to fit it.

STATUS on 01/04/2002 - This is now fitted. Check out my modifications page for further details and pictures.

Engine Rebuild

Something which has been on my 'to-do' list for a long time is an engine rebuild and hybrid turbo. As I have a spare CS engine I plan to get everything ready i.e. reconditioned head, hybrid turbo and all the parts etc. before starting the job. This should reduce the turn-around time. Essentially I want to replace the main and big end bearings, piston rings, cylinder head and turbo and fit new ancilliaries such as the oil and water pump. Many owners have done this recently and I feel confident enough to give it a go but expect that I will need to call upon the help of fellow GT4OC members for help and advice.

STATUS on 28/03/2002 - No progress.

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