This page contains links to many of the sites which I have found particularly useful and informative. Within the links you will find many excellent examples of the Toyota Celica GT4 or Alltrac along with details of their enthusiastic and very knowledgeable owners. In addition you will also find links to suppliers of essential parts, information about motorsport history and the communities which have been setup on the internet for GT4 owners.

I have also created a further page of text links for mainly automotive sites and articles.




UK GT4OC site

The original GT4 Owners Club in the UK. The club has hundreds of members and is forum based.

Visit the GT4 drivers club site The GT4 drivers club in the UK.
Visit the GT4 enthusiasts site The GT4 enthusiasts club in the UK.
Toyota celicas site A link to a Toyota Celicas online club. Here you will find on-line shops, message boards, owners sections and history related to all Celica models - not just GT4's. Also check out their comprehensive links page.
Toyota Celicas online site A link to the popular Toyota Celica Online club from the USA. Plenty of Celica information and articles.
Toyota Celica Internet community A growing Internet community for Toyota Celica owners.
Toyota owners club UK site A link to the UK Toyota Owners Club site.
Celica Club UK site A Toyota Celica club in the UK.
GT4 owners club - Switzerland The Swiss GT4 owners club - who organise the Nurburgring trips..
International Toyota MR2 owners club site A link to the International MR2 owners club with lots of relevant articles for the Toyota 3SGTE engine. The Toyota MR2 shares many common modifications to the Toyota Celica and GT4.

Rober Pinas site

A really excellent site with boat loads of information owned by Robert Pina. This is one of the mosy popular GT4 sites on the Internet. For quick reference here is a link to Roberts manuals page.

Jose Rodriguez's allwheelmotion site

Another great site owned by Jose Rodriguez.

Paul Rennisons GT4-faq site

A well known site owned by Paul Rennison and containing tons of useful information.
Saffos site

A great site maintained by Saffo from Perth Australia who owns an extremely tidy and well modified Grp-A ST185.

Stephen Gunters old site An old site created by Stephen Gunter brimming with technical information.
Richard Doigs site

Richard Doigs site. Check out the amazing ST205 rebuild he performed over the last 2 to 3 years.

Loosey and Chris's ST165 site A great site by Loosey and Chris devoted to their superb ST165. This is a MUST for all ST165 owners.

Chris O'Rourkes 'shuttle' site

A fabulous car owned by Chris O'Rourke from the USA. Check out the rest of his site too.

Adrian Broughtons site

Sadly this fantastic site, formerly owned and managed by Adrian Broughton, now seems to be offline. Many extremely useful articles were posted here and seem to be lost forever including VSV, cold air intake and boost controller ones written by me. I have left the icon here in case it is ever recovered.

Stew Bootons site Stew Bootons well modified ST185. This is an excellent site supporting all of the hard work Stew has done - well worth a look!
Dans ST205 WRC site A great site for ST205 WRC owners with shedloads of technical information and a great buyers guide, maintained by Dan.

Gerts celica information site

Production statistics and specification details for the various models, check out the rest of Gerts site.

Dennis Heaths site

Another great site owned by Dennis Heath.

Tommy Ohlhoffs site

The site of GT4 owner Tommy Ohlhoff from Denmark.

John Byrnes site

The site of a fellow Carlos Sainz owner - John Byrne.

Jamie Cross's site

Another site by John Byrne, more up-to-date.

Matt Yate's site

A section of Matt Yates site devoted to his excellent ST165.

Jims site

Our very own bacon muncher Jim Pomphrey, check out the rest of his off-the-wall site here.

Jamie Cross's site

The site of another fellow Carlos Sainz owner - Jamie Cross.

Bill Evias site

Bill Evias site in the good ol US of A. This site link has broken and will be restored when I can find the new link.

Miscellaneous Toyota Related

Toyota UK site

Well - it wouldn't be right without a link to Toyota.

TTE site

Toyota Team Europe (TTE) site.

TTE site

Technical guides and references for Toyota tuning including articles on the 3S-GTE engine used in the GT4. A highly useful page is the techinfo one.

Ben Lovejoy's Nurburgring site If you ever plan to go to the fantastic Nurburgring circuit, you have got to visit Ben Lovejoy's site for all there is to know including how to get there, accommodation, reviews, advise etc.

Carlos Sainz's site

Carlos Sainz's personnal site.

Rich's track day pictures site Richards track day pictures web site.

Rallycars site

A great site devoted to rally cars including the Celica GT4 WRC and Corrola.

Pepipoo website A useful web site offering information on dealing with the road traffic offence of speeding.
Great web site for 'off the wall' ideas One of my favourite sites, especially for 'blue sky' thinkers or those with 'half baked' ideas ;-) Check out the Turbocharger/Supercharger page within the car section. Happy reading ...
Tuning Companies & Suppliers
Japanese tuning parts Dirk Apels japanese tuning site. He is a great bloke and he can mail order parts to the UK.

Fensports site

UK Toyota specialist for new and used parts including performance.

Hayward and Scott site A supplier of parts to support the import market, this includes SVA required conversion products, Japanese tuning parts aswell as translated manuals etc.
Hayward and Scott site A great supplier of custom exhaust and de-cat pipes for the GT4.

Bailey Motorsports site

Bailey Motorsport site (get your DV26 BOV here!)

Powerstations site

GT4 tuning specialists.

Hypersport Racings site

A great supplier of Japanese performance parts.

ST185 logo A site run by Josh McClain offering Celica tuning parts mainly for the ST185 model. Also has a link to the famous Aussi downpipe which replaces the CAT.
Demon Tweeks site

One of the longest established performance and motorsport suppliers in the country. Their free performance and motorsport catalogues are a must.

Toyota and other tuning parts. Japanese manuals, diagnaostics and parts.

Quanconversions ST205 lights

Saw these and thought they look VERY neat, so here is a link for you ST205 owners. Check out the main quadconversions site.

Cars Suppliers and Parts
JVS logo Japanese Vehicle Sourcing, the importer where I bought my ST205 WRC from. The owners are Peter and Andrew.
Carbreakers site list List of top 100 UK car breakers.
Internet Groups

yahoo groups logo

The location of the UK and International groups where GT4 owners congregate - you must be a member to post messages ! There is also a more techincal group which is heavily policed so only join if you are technically minded.

Search for articles using the forms below ...

yahoo webring logo

If you have a website - join the AllTracTurbo web ring.

Internet Searches

Dogpile meta search engine

A great meta search engine. Try it using the form below ...

Google search engine

My favourite search engine is this one ! IMHO it simply is the best presented and always seems to return the best results.

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