Powerstation Meet - 1/9/2001


The Powerstation meet is an annual GT4OC affair although one which I hadn't been too before. I and many other owners were certainly looking forward to it and the UK group had been buzzing for weeks.

This was another opportunity to meet more owners and have a run on the famous Powerstation 4WD rolling road.

I traveled down on Saturday morning, leaving Chester at around 8:00 pm. My dyno run wasn't scheduled till 12 so I was in not hurry.

The traffic down the M6 was light and I made good headway. During the journey I met up with Paul Wigzell and Marc Farr in Marcs ST185. Following in convoy was Chris McKenna, in his smart black ST185, who had traveled down from Scotland the previous day.

We got to junction 9 on the M6 around 11:00 am. The other two cars decided to travel down the A46 to Cheltenham while I decided to try my luck at junction 10.

The traffic through Cheltenham was pretty busy but, after some help from the locals, I managed to get to powerstation around 11:30 am. I knew I had found the right place as there were GT4's everywhere :-)

K1ANO behind bars
Simon Dawes RC at an innocent 0 mph !

Simon Dawes greeted me with the news that many cars had already run and I wouldn't have long to wait. John Wilcott had been recording the car details and power figures. Both were doing an excellent job of making the day run smoothly.

Simon Dawes checking the running order John Wilcott recording the results

I met quite a few old faces, most of whom I had met at the Castle Combe meet , and some new ones along with two of my mates from work - Mark Moss and Phil Jelley.

Mark Moss and Phil Jelley

My power run went OK with a respectable 230 hp and 240 ft/lb of torque. Time to get rid of my CAT I think for an extra 10 - 15 hp.

K1ANO screaming for mercy K1ANO dyno printout

The power figures ranged from 164 hp to 278 hp with the exceptional Fensport Corrola dispatching 315 hp to the rollers through its front wheels. Modifications ranged from none at all to hybrid turbos and forged pistons. One ST185 even had a front mount intercooler conversion.

Many of the cars were running rich which seems to be a characteristic of the GT4 however one or two cars were running Unichip and Motech ECU's with excellent fueling.

The day passed without real incident, in terms of engine gremlins, apart from Mos car being afflicted with a lean mixture causing some misfiring, Marc Farrs car suffering from water logged plug leads causing a misfire and Steve Munros car suffering from some dodgy LRP petrol.

Towards the end of the day we were treated to a few power runs from the Fensport Corrola with its ST205 engine and Motech ECU. The car was struggling to break the 320 hp barrier due to some timing issues which were holding it back from a potential 350+ hp figure.

Keeping the boys at SAMCO in beer money More sponsors please

More computing power than Apollo 13

Wolf in sheeps clothing 315 hp for all to see - plenty more to come

Myself, Wiggy and Marc Farr left for a beer around 4:00 pm and I was watching the stonking England v Germany match by around 7:00 pm. Fortunately for me my drive home went without incident which is more that I can say for Simon Dawes who was unfortunately picked up by the feds whilst validating his 243 hp figure with a couple of other owners.

Another great day, and here are the figures ...

Owner Car HP/Torque Operator Comments
John Willcott ST185 JDM 232bhp 250ftlb
Over Fueling.
Stewart Booton ST185 JDM 235bhp 247 ftlb
Over Fueling.
Tony License ST185 JDM 203.5bhp 196ftlb
Over Fueling, Hesitant.
Simon Dawes ST185 RC 243bhp 236ftlb
Strange dip in power graph.
Phil Jelley ST185 JDM 204bhp 245ftlb
Alignment problem, Engine is good.
Alan Wilson ST185 JDM 208.5bhp 223ftlb Over Fueling, Nice power curve.
Steve Foster Jones ST185 JDM 240bhp 253ftlb
Perfect Fueling,
More potential if didnt over heat (250 bhp).
Dan Sapsford ST185 UK 205.5bhp 198ftlb
Over Fueling but not too bad.
Good Power curve.
Bang on what it should be.
Mohammed Zahir ST205 255bhp 261ftlb
Running too lean. Possible damage.
Excessive crank case breathing.
Tony Lewis ST205 243.5bhp 230ftlb
Decat required. Possibly over fueling.
Don Boyak ST205 249bhp 243ftlb
Over Fueling Horribly.
Martin Farrell ST185 CS 230bhp 240ftlb
Nice curve, Fuel OK, Smooth.
Chris McKenna ST185 JDM 187.5bhp 178ftlb
Slightly Over Fueling, Nice Curve.
Cat is restricting performance.
John Byrne ST185 CS 228bhp 244ftlb
Seriously Over Fueling.
Rob Hughes ST185 UK 177bhp 180ftlb
Cat Restricting performance.
Nice Curve.
Fueling Not Bad.
Bernard ST185 CS 190.5bhp 192ftlb
Over fueling, Needs Decat, Smooth Curve.
John Robinson ST185 CS 191.5bhp 189ftlb
Possibly low on boost,
Over Fueling.
Steve Munro ST185 JDM 164.5bhp 180ftlb
Too Rich, Running wrong fuel,
Possible damage.
Tony Charles ST185 JDM 278bhp 272ftlb
Fuel OK, WI leak.
Marc CL ST205 259.5bhp 231ftlb
Good all the way through,
Slow Actuator.
Richard Harrison ST205 247.5bhp 230ftlb
Over fueling.
Lee Pendlebury Pulsar 234bhp 208ftlb
Good for 280 at 1 bar.
Shopping trolley.
Adrian Corrola 315bhp 317ftlb
Not enough power (not).
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