ST205 WRC Modifications


This page contains details about the modifications to my ST205 WRC. Most were done when I purchased the car but I intended to list them anyway. Check out my links page for sites and information sources I have found useful and informative.




OZ Racing Wheels

I wouldn't have gone for white wheels ordinarilly but these look good against the black bodywork. The 5 spoke design complements the car.

Blitz Twin SBC Boost Controller

This is a simple device with a high low setting - boost can be adjusted for both. The unit can also be turned off so this basicallyt give a further 'factory' boost setting.

HKS Induction Kit The most popular induction kit for the ST205. A little noisy but seems to work a treat.
Blitz Super Sound BOV What a great sound this thing makes - lol.
Shift Light This is a cool modification. The unit can be adjusted to flash the shift light at a preset RPM. I prefer to use it as a speed warning so, for example, I get up to the speed I want in 5th gear and set the RPM accordingly.

Still not exactly sure about this one as the front panel was removed which included the model number. The circuit board and layout look correct though. These HKS ECU's can only be setup by HKS tuners so I may be a bit stuck but the car seems to go well as it is and there may be some alternate maps in the unit - just need to figure out how to adjust the dip switch settings to access them.

Anyone got any further details on these ECU's ?

Carbon Mirrors These look great. They can only be adjusted manually but who cares ?
Carbon Lamp Pod A proper WRC AP lamp pod complete with 2 spot and 2 driving lamps. This is currently off the car and is nly likely to be fitted on rare occasions.
HKS Exhaust This is a monster. It is a middle and rear system only but the bore is huge, especially the back box and tail pipe. The good thing about this system is that it is not too noisy. When motorway driving you can't actually hear it - some systems can drone so much thy make you go crazy. At tickover there is a nice burble !
Rally Mudflaps These seem to be a genuine kit with pukka brackets etc. I am getting used to them now and may leave them on the car. Originally my thoughts were that they HAD to go !
GReddy Boost Gauge A good boost gauge which reads upto 1.5 bar.
GReddy Turbo Timer Not fitted at present due to the immobiliser - shouldn't be too hard to install it though, when there is some day light !
TOAD Immobiliser For insurance purposes.
ULTRA Ignition Leads I managed to find information on a Japanese web site and they look the dogs - reputed to be worth 3.8 horsepower on the 3S-GE MR2 engine.
Factory Keyless Entry I found an ECU under the drivers seat and on inspection realised it must be for the factory fitted keyless entry system. The Toyota key has an unlock/lock button on which operates the central locking - cool ;-)
CUSCO Strut Brace A popular strutbrace which is much more substantial than the factory one which also remains in place.
Personal Steering Wheel Black leather trimmed 3 spoke steering wheel which really compliments the interior of the car.
Forged Engine Rebuild I rebuilt the engine after suffering ring-land failure on a Nurburgring trip in September 2005. Check out my engine rebuild page.
Instruments After my engine rebuild I installed 3 instrument gauges. These were oil pressure, oil temperature and boost. The install took me quite a while as I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things like that. All wires have to be neat and hidden aswell as the appearance inside the car needing to be of OEM quality..
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