Fuel Cut Defender


A fuel cut defender is an essential modification if you want to increase the turbocharger boost over the factory limit. Whilst they are not recommended for novices or the early stages of modification they come into their own when high boost levels and power outputs are required. In fact, short of installing a fully programmable ECU, there is no other effective way of removing the factory fuel cut.

Since many different fuel cut defenders are available at varying, and sometimes high, costs I decided to make and supply them to people who wanted one.

I will add further alternative fuel cut defender information and links when I have more time. If you wish to make one a fuel cut defender yourself, check out my electronic circuits page.

The following pages comprise of instructions and tips supplied with each fuel cut defender...

Introduction to Fuel Cut Defenders
Installation Instructions
Setting up

Fuel Cut Defenders for sale (15 GBP inc. postage in the UK).

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